Hood River Harvest Ride Farewell

We are fortunate to have held the Hood River Harvest Ride from 2009 until 2013 as a major fundraiser for the Hood River Valley Residents Committee (HRVRC.org). We deeply appreciate all the generous support from our volunteers, sponsors, and riders. It's been a great way to raise funds and showcase the Hood River Valley and the importance of its working and wild landscapes..

With every year though, the risk factors around the bike ride increased from the obvious weather dependent nature of the event to things like forest fires which result in last minute ride relocation, loss of our staging area to the fire crews, smoke from forest fire, and competition from a growing number of fall rides around the state and locally. The tremendous amount of time required to plan a successful supported bike ride has also run up against the time HRVRC needs to deal with the amount and intensity of land use issues that have increased over the last few years.

So thank you to all Harvest Riders for supporting the ride for 5 years and riding in the beautiful Hood River Valley. We hope you will print out and use our route maps, which are still on the this website, to ride the Hood River Valley on your own. And remember our motto: Ride it, Respect it. Enjoy it. Protect it!

The Harvest Ride Crew

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Protecting Your LandsHRVRC Supports Local Land Use Protections

The Hood River Harvest Ride is a fundraiser for the non-profit Hood River Valley Residents Committee (HRVRC).

Formed in 1977 to prevent harmful development in the upper Hood River Valley, HRVRC continues its work to nurture and protect those things which make Hood River the beautiful place that it is, including:

  • Open space 
  • Farms and forests in the Hood River Valley
  • Wilderness areas on Mt. Hood
  • Livable communities

The Mt. Hood Wilderness Bill

One of HRVRC's biggest success is the Mt. Hood Wilderness Bill. HRVRC initiated the bill, which resulted in a land swap between Mt. Hood Meadows and the U.S. Forest Service. Upon completion in 2010, the bill will protect over 2,000 acres from development in fragile watersheds, historic Tilly Jane, and in deer and elk migration corridors.

Recent Bicycle Focus

Most recently, the HRVRC has been working to promote and enhance bicycle and pedestrian connectivity throughout the area.

Learn More About HRVRC

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